Photo By: Sam Bendall

Photo By: Sam Bendall

Nik Wogen. Cinematographer. Photographer. Nerd.

We all have a passion, some of us have found it, some of us still have yet to discover it.  I truly believe that we were all created for purpose and that we all have a special talent, ability or how I see it... Superpower.  When we live in the way that we were created, wonderful work will come out of it.

Growing Up
I grew up as a Southern California kid who loved adventure and the outdoors.  I grew up in the local San Bernardino mountains where nature and life was all around me and allowed me to explore some of the best parts that nature has to offer us in a beautiful environment.  I was a camper from an early age and following in my mom and uncle's footsteps, I picked up a camera at an early age as I was fascinated with how you can capture light with this amazing device.

Early Years
I went on to study photography and film at my High School (Rim of the World) where I gained a deeper passion and understanding of the limits and what limits you can break with the technology that we have. Understanding that technology and digital imagery were going to be a way of the future, I became obsessed with how computers and technology were important to our way of life which led me to have a website design and programming job throughout high school.

Big Bad World
I choose to begin my College career at California State University Long Beach which was my grandmother's alma mater and had great opportunities for design and graphics.  I graduated from there after meeting my wife with a BFA and a ticket to the UK where my wife and I lived for the next few years where I continued my passion for Film and Photography, but concentrated on Programming and Hardware design where I was able to design a patented laser-based photographic measuring system.

Back in the US of A
After returning to the United States where we decided to make our home, I was able to continue work as a film and photography freelancer shooting commercial pieces and weddings until running into a company called MotoGeo where I worked as a cinematographer shooting motorcycle adventure films.  Now I am working full time with Ahava Productions to continue to help tell amazing stories.