Napa Wedding

love, marriage, baby carriage. There is something great when you have a great location for a wedding. The Corteneros inn located in Napa was beautiful and had the right amount of rustic. 


For this wedding we were putting the C100 to the test with great highlights to be had in the clouds and nice dark green rolling hills that set the scene in the apple orchard surrounded by great vineyards.



despite the rough weather the night before, we were lucky to have a beautiful sky the day of the wedding.

Monte Carlo and the C100

Rolled the Dice

I finally made it happen, I purchased the Canon C100!  After that, I now have not looked back and I have been more than happy with this camera that is perfectly suited to my style of shooting and rugged enough to survive it.  After visiting a talk with Joe Simon and seeing him at WPPI talk about how he uses his Canon Cinema series cameras, it was easy to make the move.

The Dynamic Range that comes out of C-LOG for this camera is incredible, even catches Mr. Bond'd headlights.

The Dynamic Range that comes out of C-LOG for this camera is incredible, even catches Mr. Bond'd headlights.

Monte Carlo

I was extremely lucky to be invited to a shoot in Monte Carlo, Monaco to catch some fast cars, fast bikes and all the rich and famous.  I had ordered my C100 about 3 days before from Texas Media Systems who were very helpful in getting my camera ready and too me in time.  I got the camera a few hours before I had to fly in LA and only had time to pack it in my Pelican 1510 LOC case.

After arriving in France, I pulled out the camera and started to set it up and found myself already knowing the camera as it has the Canon "feel".  Coming from a 5D, it was nice to see the addition to the all necessary video features that make this camera worth every penny. I tried out a few test shots to see what I was getting and was instantly amazed with the control and ease of use of the design of the camera especially the location of all of the buttons and how natural the camera feels in my hand with the side grip.

The feel of the camera was perfect and comfortable all day, even in exciting conditions.

The feel of the camera was perfect and comfortable all day, even in exciting conditions.

Filming around Monte Carlo provided some challenging situations like hanging out of a car, running, and climbing the side of the Alps, the C100 did brilliantly.

I will be writing a full review of the C100 very soon.

In the Studio with the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera


At the moment, the camera industry is changing daily and everyone is upping their game to make their camera more desirable than the other.  4K, RAW, DSLR, Action Camera, 60p and all of that fun goodness that makes us that use them excited and poor.  When the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera was announced, I began to drool since it is was something that independent filmmakers were looking for and the extremely small form factor was something that us at MotoGeo were looking for as we just don't have a big truck that follows us around to carry our gear.

First Impressions

I was elated when I knew the camera was coming our way and began thinking of some of the features that would benefit what we were going to use it for.  After opening the box, I could not believe the incredible small form factor, yet the sturdiness and solid feel to the construction of the camera.  It felt like something that was well built, solid and what you would expect from a manufacturer like Apple.  The controls and ports were very minimalistic on the body of the camera and overall had the feeling of a solid point and shoot even though there was so much more to be had from the sensor.

In the Studio

As we were going to be shooting all day, I made sure that I had both amble battery power as well as a dedicated power supply when the camera was going to be on sticks. instantly,  I was very pleased in the logging that was available in camera as we had a product shoot for 27 different pieces and everything needed to be organized to make editing much easier.  The focus peaking made it extremely easy to work with setting focus on the Zeiss Contax lenses we were using with the CY/MFT adapter.  The expected flat image was great at holding the detail that we needed and I was beginning to be impressed with this small camera.

The Negatives

As I was loving the power this small camera had, we started running into some issues with operation.  As we were shooting, it seemed that the camera body was getting very hot despite the air conditioned room.  I knew that the camera used the body as a heatsink so I was not too concerned about this heat until the camera began to not stop the timecode during recording after I had pressed the button to stop recording and the only way to stop it was to remove the battery and unplug the camera.  This caused some issues as we had to review any clip that this happened on which stopped everyone.  This problem continued until finally the camera did just stop working for a few minutes and did not reboot until it cooled down.  I was able to prevent this for happening as much when I relied on just the battery or just the power supply without the battery in the camera.  Unfortunately, it made it very difficult to work in this condition.

The Final Cut

In conculusion, the Blackmagick Pocket Cinema Camera produced an incredible image, however for a fast paced filming, or event shooting, the camera buttons were notfast enough to get the camera ready in time.  The Heating problems were later figured out to be a hardware error, but it lost some of my confidence in the camera itself.  I am sure its bigger brothers handle this issue much better.

Jonathan + Kristen

Weddings are always great as it is a good day of celebration, with friends and family.  On a beautiful winter day in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, we were blessed with some great scenery and wonderful weather on this exciting occasion.


Getting the dust off the old website

We all say we are going to do it and update your own website, but it always seems to be on the back burner while you have to do the work that pays the bills.  I thought that 2014 was a good time to start making it all happen and also catch up on some writing that I had also filed in the to do.